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I have many years of experience working with parents in various states of stress. I understand how deeply responsible parents feel, and how important it feels to “get it right.” In therapy, parents learn:

  • How their own upbringing affects what they each bring to their family
  • The difference between discipline and punishment
  • How to “decode” misbehavior
  • How to impart empathy and self esteem to their child
  • How to embrace, appreciate, and incorporate differences in parenting styles
  • How to be effective advocates for their child in any type of institutional situation, educational, medical or legal.
  • How to partner as parents to provide consistency and security for your kids.

One of the tools I use to help parents understand themselves and their children is the Enneagram focusing on the parent child relationship. It helps you see that your kid isn't doing things or saying things just to drive you crazy. He/she is trying to get their needs met based on their personality style. When you have a little roadmap to your kid's personality style, you can parent with more ease, confidence and comfort.


You may also want to reference some of the books I listed to help parents learn effective discipline techniques and decode your child's behavior. Book Suggestions for Parents click for more information .


If you would like to learn more about how you can begin therapy, or have any questions please call 415-563-4342, or email me directly at

Susan Regan, MFT has offices in Berkeley near El Cerrito and Oakland and in San Francisco, close to the Civic Center and Nob Hill. 415-563-4342.

*Quotes are typical of what clients say, though to protect confidentiality, I have not used names or exact words.


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