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Are you considering separating but feel overwhelmed, in shock or confused about what comes next? Often in relationships people get stuck in negative patterns and can't find relief. If this goes on for years, separating seems like the only option. It's easy to get distracted by the fear and worry. A lot of people get so stuck that years go by without any change - whether separating or fixing the relationship.

You may find yourself going over the same questions again and again. Is the relationship worth staying in? What are the pros and cons of leaving? What are the redeeming qualities? Am I staying out of guilt, fear of hurting the kids, or worry about finances. If you find yourself paralyzed, there are things that you can do.

Couples can find a way to overcome obstacles including infidelity, communication problems, addiction, job loss, and even learn from their problems. Couples therapy may give you the tools and skills you need to recognize and repair negative behavior patterns and make your relationship work again. Individual therapy may also be needed if either partner suffers from addiction; depression, anxiety, any of which can have great impact on the relationship.

If you would like to learn more about how you can begin therapy, or have any questions please call 415-563-4342 or 510-883-9312, or email me directly at

Getting information during a divorce process can be time consuming. Here are few articles to help you get some basic information during this time.

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Susan Regan, MFT has offices in Berkeley near El Cerrito and Oakland and in San Francisco, close to the Civic Center and Nob Hill. 415-563-4342 or 510-883-9312.

*Quotes are typical of what clients say, though to protect confidentiality, I have not used names or exact words.

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