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Before you make decisions about your children it would be ideal to have an organized way to think about how you are managing yourself with your child's other parent.

Many parents' stay stuck in the negativity of the old relationship patterns and get angry, upset, or stuck when they have to cooperate in order to parent together. It can feel like cooperating means you agree with the other person or that you're letting them control you.

Many people feel angry, discouraged or helpless knowing that they have to stay connected to their child's other parent. If kids weren't in the picture you could take space from each other. But now you have to interact whether you want to or not.

It's even harder if you feel your child's other parent is incompetent or you disagree on their parenting style. It get's even more complicated if they move in with a new partner. Then you may have to deal with this other person's influence on your kids.

How can you create the emotional distance you need to heal and still co-parent with someone who drives you crazy?

Here is a solution:

Co-parenting Therapy can help you and your child's other parent restructure your family after a separation. Click here for details.

If you would like to learn more about how you can begin therapy, or have any questions please call 415-563-4342 or 510-883-9312, or email me directly at

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*Quotes are typical of what clients say, though to protect confidentiality, I have not used names or exact words.


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