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Susan Regan, MFT



My mission in therapy is to provide a safe time and place for you. The therapeutic relationship is very important. People seek counseling for many reasons. Typically they know they could be happier or more peaceful. During our sessions most clients find relief from their symptoms within a few months. They also develop insight and skills. I work with people from many different backgrounds, lifestyles, cultures and ages.

I teach people to direct their attention and energy on solving issues and living to their full potential.

My Specialties include:

  • Overcoming shyness, building self confidence and self esteem
  • Healing depression, sadness, lack of motivation or the "blahs"
  • Recovery from codependency, "workaholism" and/or people pleasing
  • Overcoming childhood trauma/emotional wounds, dysfunctional family patterns, and other family of origin issues
  • Mending relationship problems including chronic arguing, surviving an affair, lack of closeness or lack of intimacy
  • Premarital counseling, understanding yourself and your partner, examining values, beliefs, and aligning future goals
  • Parenting challenges, effective discipline techniques, understanding your kids' behavior problems, healthy family communication skills, instilling safety and trust in your kids.
  • Surviving and recovering from divorce, learning how to end a relationship, coping with transition, moving, being single, again explaining divorce to your kids
  • Co-parenting: keeping your child's emotional and physical well-being in the forefront during a separation
  • Child therapy to help your child adjust to separation and divorce, behavioral and attachment concerns

My Services include:

  • Group therapy sessions/Individual therapy sessions
  • Mediation
  • Phone therapy and consultation sessions
  • Skype therapy
  • consultation sessions

Susan Regan, MFT has offices in Berkeley near El Cerrito and Oakland and in San Francisco, close to the Civic Center and Nob Hill. 415-563-4342 or 510-883-9312.